You’ll be better off financially under our Next Generation Model

At Karaka Pines Rototuna you receive the sale price of your unit, including the capital gain, less a facilities fee and a one-off refurbishment fee. This is in contrast with most retirement villages where you only receive the original buy price of your unit. At Karaka Pines Rototuna you have a choice of facilites fee. Our standard fee is only 12.5% , almost half that of traditional retirement villages which charge you anywhere between 20 to 30%. At Karaka Pines Villages we call this our Next Generation model. It is all part of looking after you both physically and financially.

You have a choice of facilities fees.
  • Our standard facilities fee is 12.5% of the selling price of your unit. With this facilities fee you pay the standard weekly fee for the running of the village. It does rise over time as costs such as rates, insurance etc rise.
  • Alternatively if you’d prefer you can fix this weekly fee at $100 per week. This option has a facilities fee of 25% fee of the selling price of your unit.
  • The last option for those with some additional funds is to pay the facilities fee at the time of purchasing your unit. This facilites fee is 10% of your buy price.

When leaving the village you do have to refurbish your unit. If you leave in just a few years in can be expected that there is little to refurbish but as the years go by this will increase so that the new owner gets a near new unit. Refurbishing your unit will mean you get more for the unit when it comes to sell.

When selling you have the choice of your own Real Estate Agent or you can use the village management. Using village management the only cost is the cost of advertising and other marketing.

Comparison Calculator

It can be hard to get a feel for just how large a difference our Next Generation model can make for you. Use our Retirement Village Cost Comparison to compare the returns. The reason this can be hundreds of thousands of dollars is because if the price of your unit rises then you get the value. In most retirement villages they keep all of this rise to themselves. You don’t even get back what you bought the unit for as the facilities fee they charge is taken out of this.

The village facilities and ambience combined with attractive local amenities add value to your property. Our excellent standard of service and well-designed village ensure you will be significantly better off than under the traditional retirement village model. Better off both physically and financially – we think this is only fair.