What do the Media say about a Retirement Village offering Capital Gain?

Karaka Pines Villages were caught in the media spotlight this year when Stuff discovered that there was an option to the traditional village model, New Village Operator promises Capital Gain .

There are many articles available which highlight the benefits and pitfalls of moving to a village. While most people, once they have moved into a village, really enjoy the life in the community, the worries being removed, and the feeling of being safe and secure, a major hurdle is the financial model of the major villages.

These villages take so much of the money from their residents. When you come to leave the village you only get the price you paid to buy the unit less the deferred management fee of anywhere from 20-30%. You get none of the price increase of the unit over the time you are in the village. This money invested in your unit has been built up over a lifetime of saving and hard work. While you might say that your children don’t have any entitlement to your savings why would you choose to give those savings to a major corporation. Our Next Generation Model allows you to keep that capital gain – you set and get the sale price of your unit, while our facilities fees are around half that of the other operators. You can compare the costs between villages here. We see this as simply fair as the residents get to keep much more of their hard won equity. Karaka Pines Villages are proud to bring this new Next Generation retirement village, Karaka Pines Rototuna, to Hamilton.